Aroma Beads - Unscented per lb.

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A great alternative to burning candles! These odor absorbing beads absorb up to 30% fragrance oil and last longer than smelly jelly. They are easy to make and will not mold. Great for just about anywhere that accumulates stale air. Use with our liquid candle dyes and fragrances. 

Aroma beads can also be melted into molds to make car freshies!  Just place the beads into a silicone mold or inside a cookie cutter and bake in your oven a 350 degrees for 10-15 mins.  They will magically melt into a shape that can be scented.

There are approx. 38 TBSP of Aroma Beads per lb. and we found the perfect aroma bead to fragrance oil ratio is about 1 oz. of fragrance per cup of beads.

Uses for Aromabeads
Car Freshies
A decorative accent to silk flower arrangements
Sachet bags
In drawers or closets
Vacuum cleaner bags
Fill lids of apothecary jars with coordinating aroma beads
Insert into stuffed animals
Use eucalyptus & peppermint for sinus relief

Aroma Beads (1 cup = 5.5 oz. by weight)
Liquid Candle Dye (Food color or soap dye will not work)
Fragrance Oil  (1 oz.)
Glass, ceramic or metal mixing bowl
Packaging (glass jars w/ air freshener lids work best)

Step 1:  Mix a drop of liquid candle dye with every ounce of fragrance used.  Use less dye for pastel colors and more dye for deeper, darker colors.

Step 2:  Add your Aroma Beads and mix well until liquid fragrance blends evenly over beads.  Keep mixing every so often until fragrance oil is completely absorbed by beads.

Step 3:  Be patient - it takes anywhere from 24 hours to 1 week for the fragrance to completely absorb into the beads.  Thinner fragrances such as citrus blends will absorb easier than thicker vanillas or cinnamons.  If there is still liquid fragrance present after a week, just add more Aroma Beads until the extra liquid is absorbed.

Step 4:  Enjoy!  These have so many different uses and we would love to hear how you are using them too.  Email our webmaster with your suggestions.

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