BULK Coconut Apricot Container Candle Wax per 45 lb. case (PARAFFIN-FREE FORMULA)

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Finally, a plant-based (NO PARAFFIN AT ALL) natural wax with a fragrance throw that will knock your socks off both hot and cold!  This is considered the finest plant wax available and will not disappoint in a luxury candle line.  

Coconut Apricot wax produces a truly unforgettable candle experience for both the end user and the candle maker.  Its smooth, creamy, off-white finish, fantastic scent throw, and long burn time appeal to the user.  The candle maker will love how easy it is to use, no additives are needed, it's single-pour, and does not need to be finished with a heat gun for smooth tops.  You don't need to use as much fragrance oil to get a strong scent throw!  The cure time is 12-18 hours so candles can be made and sold pretty much right away.

Coconut Apricot wax is made in the USA with all domestically sourced materials.

Type:  Apricot - Soy - Coconut blend
Melt point: 112-120 °F
Primary Use: Container candles 
Packaging: Pastilles 
Scent Recommendation: 7-9%
Wick Suggestion: Heinz coreless, ultra core, paper core, zinc core and wood wicks.
Recommended Pouring Temperature: 160-170 °F

Instructions for Use: Heat wax to 180 degrees. Add scent and color and pour while hot between 160 and 170 degrees. 

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