Complete Candle Making Kit

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Our Complete Candle Making Kit is more complete than ever! This kit includes everything you will need to make freestanding pillar candles, tealights, votives, wax melts and container candles. 

This kit includes: 
- Instruction sheet 
- Granulated Candle Wax 
- Melting Pot
- Thermometer Burning 
- Instruction Labels 
- Stirring Stick 
- Candle Making Book 
- Candle Color Dyes 
- Candle Fragrance 
- 6-Cavity Wax Melt Clamshells 
- Plastic Tealight Cups 
- Pre-tabbed Tealight Wicks 
- Votive molds 
- Pre-tabbed Votive Wicks 
- Pillar candle molds 
- Wick Bars & Pins 
- Wicking
- Mold Seal 
- Candle Jars 
- Pre-tabbed Wicks 
- Wick Clips 
- Wicking Tape 
- Wick Setting Tool (Straw) 
- Burning Instruction Labels 

This kit is awesome because the wax included is very versatile and can be used for all types of candle projects. When you are using this kit, you have the choice of what type of candles you want to pour and you can make multiple types of candles with the same color/fragrance for matching sets. 

For example, if you melt and mix up a batch of wax with color and scent you can pour that wax into a jar, votive, tealight and the clamshells for wax melts if you want or you can pour all of the wax into one type of candle – it’s your choice. You can also get creative and layer your candles by filling your jar, mold or tealight ¼ or ½ way and then top off with a different color. The book included in this kit also gives some good ideas for candles.

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