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GW-454 Premium Soy/Coconut Blend Wax per 10 lb.

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NEW!! GW-454 Premium Soy/Coconut Blend!

After years of research and development, Golden Wax developed this new soy and coconut wax blend that was a MUST have for us! The quality is what you have to come to expect from their tried and true soy waxes that have been bestsellers for years!  Just like their other waxes, GW454 is easy and convenient use in flake form.

This wax is definitely easy enough for first timers and beginners and we anticipate it will be preferred by professionals too!

What we love about GW-454:
* Vegan
* Palm Free
* Single Pour with Smooth Tops
* Great Cold & Hot Scent Throw
* Can be poured at higher temperatures (up to 180 °F)
* Great Jar Adhesion
* Minimal bloom/frost

Type: Soy & Coconut Blend
Meltpoint: 115-125 °F
Primary Use: Container candles, wax melts
Packaging: 10 lb. bags - 45 lb. per case
Scent Recommendation: 5-10%
Wick Suggestion: (Wick Up) Ultra Core, Heinz coreless, Papercore, Wood Wick (normal sizing for wood wicks)
Pouring Temperature: 160-180°F

Instructions for Use: Heat wax to 180°F.  Add scent and color and pour between 155-180°F.  We had very good results pouring at all temperatures but we had less bloom pouring at cooler temperatures.

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Jury is still out but…..

by Claire| 10/23/2021 10:48 am

I figured I’d buy a small bag and give it a try. Ive been interested in trying a soy/coconut blend for a while so this was a good time. Well, to start with it was a dry flake (not sticky like the 464 has been lately) which was nice and melted a bit faster than the regular soy. I usually pour a bit cooler than most due to the room I make candles in so after i poured and my candles cooled the tops were awful. I’ve never had candles tops look so bad. It’s hasn’t been 2 weeks yet so I haven’t lit them. The scent throw while making them was really strong so I’m cautiously optimistic. I will try again and pour hotter to see if the tops will fix themselves. If they are improved with a warmer pour temp then I will change my review. It would be really nice to have 1 wax for candles AND melts. Fingers crossed