136 mp Paraffin Votive/Pillar (IGI 1240) Wax per slab

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This is one of the most versatile, widely used wax on the market. It is translucent and may or may not mottle and is great for pillars, chunk candles, votives, tarts, hurricanes, cut-n-curl etc. Has a shiny smooth finish. Type: Paraffin Meltpoint: 136 degrees Primary Use: Pillars, chunk candles, hurricanes, votives, tarts or any molded candle. Packaging: 10-11 lb. slab Scent Recommendation: Use up to 1 oz. fragrance per pound Wick Suggestion: Flat or square braid cotton, zinc, Heinz Coreless Recommended Pouring Temperature: 180-190 degrees Instructions for Use: Heat wax to 180 degrees, add color and scent and pour into molds. A very forgiving, easy to use wax.

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