IGI 4641 High Meltpoint Embed Wax per 10 lb.

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This 163 mp blended paraffin is one of the greatest waxes that I've tested in a long time! It colors and scents nicely, pours with very little shrinkage and has a nice shiny finish when cool. It is also the best wax that I've seen for rubber molds. It leaves no chalky residue and the candle or embed looks wonderful. This is also a good wax for over dipping since it builds up really easy. I cannot say enough about this wax because I was totally impressed with the candles that it made. I recommend pouring at 200 degrees for best results. Pouring cooler will result in more shrinkage and it may not release from the molds as easy. Throws scent very well cold or hot. Type: Paraffin blended with additives Meltpoint: 163 degrees Primary Use: Gel embeds and votives Packaging: Granulated Scent Recommendation: Use up to 1 oz. fragrance per pound Wick Suggestion: Cotton core, Heinz coreless, zinc core Recommended Pouring Temperature: 200-210 degrees Instructions for Use: Heat wax to 200 degrees. Add scent and color and pour around 200 degrees. This wax will give you a nice shiny finish on the outside of the candles or embeds when poured at this temperature.

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