IGI 4794 Wax - 128 mp Votive Blend per 40 lb.

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This 128 mp blended paraffin is creamy, opaque and makes beautiful votives and tarts. It has been the industry standard votive candles and highly requested by customers. It will require a re-pour and the scent throw is very good hot or cold. Very easy to use and virtually goof-proof. This is the best electric candle wax that I have used so far. It glows nice and gives a nice shiny finish. 

Type: Paraffin 
Meltpoint: 128 degrees 
Primary Use: Tarts and votives 
Packaging: 10-11 lb. slabs 
Scent Recommendation: Use up to 1 oz. fragrance per pound 
Wick Suggestion: cotton core, Heinz coreless, zinc core
Recommended Pouring Temperature: 200-210 degrees 

Instructions for Use: Heat wax to 200 degrees. Add scent and color and pour around 200 degrees. This wax will give you nice creamy looking votives if poured at this temperature.

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