Production Preblended PILLAR Wax per 45 lb. case

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Our Production Pillar Blend is designed to be hassle free for candle makers who like the convenience and quality of a pre-blended wax at the sharpest prices possible. It makes a nice solid, creamy color candle, and gives a nice smooth top on your candles after the re-pour. I've experimented and poured this wax at all different temperatures with all different scents and colors and found it so easy and virtually goof-proof. It burns clean and throws scent well and gives predictable results in any climate or temperature. It's great for beginners too since it's so easy! I highly recommend trying this wax! 

Type: Paraffin 
Meltpoint: 141 degrees 
Primary Use: Molded pillar candles 
Packaging: Granulated/Pastilles 
Scent Recommendation: Use up to 1 oz. fragrance per pound 
Wick Suggestion: Flat braid, square braid wicking
Recommended Pouring Temperature: 180-190 degrees 

Instructions for Use: Heat wax to 200 degrees. Add scent and color and pour around 180 degrees. The second pour will need to be poured around 190 degrees in order to give you a smooth top to the candle.

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