SuperSoy 419 Premium 100% Soy Container per 45 lb. Case

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We love this new 100% soy wax so much that we named it SuperSoy!

SuperSoy is super because:

  • It's beautiful—smooth tops every time, a nice glossy finish, great jar adhesion, no bloom or frost, brilliant colors, and smooth tops even after burning.
  • No cure time! Let the candles cool for 24 hours, and enjoy immediately!
  • Amazing Scent Throw! It's the only plant wax that we would dare compare to the scent throw of paraffin! Excellent throw, both cold and hot.
  • Easy to Use: The flakes melt fast, and the wax pours at 170-180 degrees F (no cooling required). It also congeals faster than other soy waxes.
  • Slow and clean burn—SuperSoy provides a slow and clean burn with no soot, so you may need to wick up for a full melt pool. There is less wax residue on containers after burning.
  • It's versatile—it can be used as is or blended with other waxes. It's great for wax melts and lotion candles, too!

    Type: 100% Premium Soy
    Meltpoint: 110-115 degrees F
    Primary Use: Container candles, wax melts, lotion candles
    Packaging: Flakes
    Scent Recommendation: 6-10%. Use up to 1 1/2 oz. fragrance per pound
    Wick Suggestion: Ultracore, Paper core, Heinz Coreless, Wedo RRD
    Recommended Pouring Temperature: 170-180 degrees F

    Instructions for Use: Heat wax to 180 degrees. Add color and scent and pour into prepared containers. Allow candles to cool for 24 hours before burning. Enjoy!

Proudly made in the USA by GoldenWax.

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by N&R Handcrafted - | 6/7/2024 9:29 am

This wax is awesome. I ordered a sample, made 4 candles that all came out perfect. I immediately ordered two cases. Finally a soy wax that performs great. It's a game changer.