Fall Selling Prep & Checklist

How to prepare & conquer the busy season!

Written by
Cindy Novack
Published on
August 27, 2023 at 4:00:26 PM PDT August 27, 2023 at 4:00:26 PM PDTth, August 27, 2023 at 4:00:26 PM PDT

The “Busy Season” can get crazy and overwhelming whether you are new or have been selling for years! Our business is fourth quarter heavy and we can all feel that by the end of the year. This post is meant to help you prepare and hopefully make this selling season a bit easier on yourself and your business! Watch our live powerpoint presentation HERE!

Review Business Essentials

  • - Bookkeeping system - are you up to date?
  • - Licenses - check for any sales tax or vendor licenses that might be expiring
  • - Insurance - set renewal dates during off season, check limits and coverage to make sure it’s adequate
  • - Contracts - with customers and/or vendors
  • - Subscriptions - website, email, graphics
  • - Funding - review funding sources and create a budget

Review Products & Pricing

  • - Discontinue any products that aren’t selling
  • - Decide on new product launches (what products, when, budget, timeline)
  • - Review pricing and increase or decrease as necessary (prices have gone up in the last few years, did you keep up?)
  • - Estimate sales for each product to create a forecast (how much supplies do you need, what is the budget for it, what is your expected return)

Inventory Raw Materials

  •  - Do you have enough raw materials to make what you estimate to sell?
  • - Is there anything you already purchased but didn’t get to try yet? Test it, develop products!
  • - Use your existing inventory before buying new stock
  • - What do you need and how much?
  • - Document what is needed to create a budget
  • - Order supplies as early as possible to avoid shipping delays and products being out of stock

Product Photography & Descriptions

  • - Craft compelling descriptions that evoke the feeling of fall and holidays
  • - Capture your products in natural warm lighting that complements the fall aesthetic
  • - Update product photos for a cohesive autumn/holiday look on your online platforms (website, social media, etc.)

Create Seasonal Promotions

  • - Add new fragrances for Fall, Halloween, Holiday & New Years. Remember this time of the year is all about feelings and fragrances create feelings, really get people into that spirit.
  • - Bundle and create gift sets for your existing products – customers LOVE this!
  • - Create “limited supply” or monthly special products

Plan Social Media Campaigns 

  • - Develop a content calendar with engaging posts across your social media platforms to build anticipating and interact with your audience
  • - Mind map ideas for content – it makes it easier to fill out your calendar. It’s easier to get inspired and come up with ideas then use those to fill in your calendar, looking just at the calendar can be daunting!

Customer Engagement

  • - Stay connected with our customers by sending out email newsletters
  • - Share behind the scenes glimpses of your creative process
  • - Solicit feedback – ask customers what they want

September Action Plan

  • - First holiday shoppers are out – get it before it’s gone mentality
  • - Marketing Focus – Autumn, Halloween, Apples, Pumpkins, Spicy, Warm
  • Planning
  • - What holiday products will you offer?
  • - Develop a sales plan – how will you sell your stuff? How many of each will you sell?
  • - Order supplies in advance
  • - Register for craft shows
  • - Create email, social media/blog posts
  • - Develop a bookkeeping system

October Action Plan

  • - Organized holiday shoppers – shift from Fall into Holidays
  • - Marketing Focus – Autumn, Holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.)
  • Planning
  • - Sale/Discount on Halloween items
  • - Ramp up production
  • - Create email, social media/blog posts

November Action Plan

  • - Everyone is holiday shopping – SELL your stuff!
  • - Marketing Focus – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, Gift Guides, Kits/Sets/Combos
  • Planning
  • - Keep up with production of products
  • - Create email/social media/blog posts
  • - Use upcoming holidays as sales engines

December Action Plan

  • - Late/Last Minute Holiday Shoppers
  • - Marketing Focus – Ready to give gifts, gift baskets, sets combos, Valentines Day
  • Planning 
  • - Run Sales/Discounts on Holiday items
  • - Reduce Inventory
  • - Plan Valentine Products & Promotions
  • - Attend our 2023 Strategic Planning Seminar on December 31st!

To Do Now – Success Habits

  • - Set Goals – Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily
  • - Determine why you need this goal and what’s in your way of getting it done. This helps to make a strategy.
  • - Each day write down the 3 most important things to get done and do them first!
  • - Review your progress as needed (often is better than never). Determine what is going well and what needs attention.
  • - Stop with the Self Limiting Beliefs! Embrace your strengths and and get help where needed.
  • - Beware of toxic people and energy vampires! Avoid or eliminate them from your life even if they are family.
  • - Eat healthy and get good sleep! You can’t be on your “A” game if your basic survival needs are not met!
  • - Be aware of your competition but do not focus on them. FOCUS ON YOUR! 
  • - Get out of your own head! Don’t paralyze yourself by trying too hard. Define your limits. Go out and get inspired by something new, recharge & refocus. Allow others to inspire you too!
  • - ASK FOR HELP WHEN STUCK!! This is big, you’re not a failure if you don’t know all the answers!