Pumpkin Patch Candles

Fall Candles

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Cindy Novack
Published on
August 27, 2021 10:42:29 AM PDT August 27, 2021 10:42:29 AM PDTth, August 27, 2021 10:42:29 AM PDT

These are so cute and so easy to make too.  You can pretty much use any jar with any pumpkin mold which can add more uniqueness to each candle!

Skill Level: Easy Beginner

Duration: 30 minutes

Makes: 2-4




Step 1 - Make the pumpkins! Rubber molds make a nice 3-D pumpkin but flat plastic molds will work as well.

  • - Melt votive wax to 180 degrees, add a rust diamond dye (use 1 per lb of wax) and 1 oz. of your favorite pumpkin scent. Stir well.
  • - Spray your molds with mold release and pour wax into the mold at 180-200 degrees.
  • - When wax has set but is not yet hard, insert the skewer into the mold to create a channel for your pre-tabbed wick. You can skip this step if you are pouring smaller pumpkins that will not have a wick inserted into them.
  • - Once the pumpkin candle has cooled, remove from the mold, slide the skewer out and insert a pretabbed wick.

Step 2 - Finishing Touches

  • - Melt container wax to 180 degrees, add 10 drops of Kelly Green Liquid Dye and 1 oz. of your favorite pumpkin fragrance oil. Stir well.
  • - Allow wax to cool and when it starts to stick to the side of the melting pot, use a fork to scrape the sides and whip the wax (like egg whites) until a clumpy texture is formed.
  • - Scoop or pour your clumpy wax into the candle jar and then plop in your finished pumpkins