Scrapwax - Recycled Wax

A great deal for fire starters or anyone wanting to filter use recycled wax for candles. These are mixed lots of all types of paraffin waxes. Some lots may be scented and colors will vary from very pale shades to dark shades. Sizes & shapes of wax pieces will also vary from #2 finished candles to molded tray pieces.

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4 Products

How to Make Firestarters
10 lbs. WHITE Scrap/Firestarter Wax
60 lb. Case White Scrap/Firestarter Wax

As low as $.78 per lb

2400 lb. WHITE PALLET Scrap/Recycled Wax - Pick up or Truck Shipping Only

Only $.73 per lb!

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Select up to 4 items to compare.