Candle Wicks & Wicking

Wick Selection can be confusing and overwhelming at first. Choose the wick type of you need according to the wax you are using and type of candle you are making.

Click here for our complete Wick Usage Chart by wax type.

How to Purchase Wicks
All of our wicking is available raw (plain or uncoated), primed (wax coated) and pre-tabbed in stock sizes or custom assemblies. We have organized our wick selection by wick types which should be matched with the wax, soy or gel product that you are using. Unfortunately there is not a wick available that is good for every application so you will need different wick sizes for different size and types of candles.

Choose your wick type

Please read through our product descriptions and usage charts for a guideline. Each wick description will give recommendations for wax types and candle sizes that can be used as a basic guideline in your selection.

Determine which packaging method is best for you. Our wicks are packaged in the following ways:
Machine Primed - available on a 100 ft. or 500 foot spool. Wicking is machine primed with a high melt point wax for a more even and stable burning candle. Wick tabs can also be attached easily. Great for candle makers who make all different size candles who prefer to cut their own lengths and tab their own wicks.
- plain with no wax coating on an 100 ft. or 500 ft. spool. Perfect for the candle maker who prefers to prime their own wick or make their candles with unprimed wick.
Pre-tabbed Wick Assemblies
- Primed, cut and tabbed for the ultimate in convenience. Our pre-tabbed, primed wicks are incredibly convenient and fast. A must for any candle maker! Just attach your wick to the bottom of your jar and pour your wax.
Custom Wicks
- Custom pre-tabbed wick assemblies are also available and are a great option for candle makers who need a special size wick that is not available in our stock wick configurations. Minimum order for custom wicks is 1000 pieces per size and style.

**** About Our Wick Charts ****
The wick charts provided on the following pages are intended to be used as a general guideline and do not replace your own test burning! All of our candle size and wax pool testing was done with a 141mp paraffin with no scent or color. The addition of scent and color to your wax will affect the way the candle burns. The “wax pool” is the diameter of the melted wax after the wick burned 2 hours.

Select up to 4 items to compare.
Select up to 4 items to compare.