Candy Corn Candles

Even if you aren't a fan of the candy corn, the candles smell fantastic and are fun to decorate with too. This basic concept of layering can be used to create different candles too!

Recipe and Instructions

16 Products

4 oz. Candy Corn Fragrance Oil
20 Pack Yellow Diamond Dyes
20 Pack White Diamond Dyes
20 Pack Orange Diamond Dyes
10 oz. Laconic Vessel per dozen
Straight Sided 8 oz. CLEAR Glass Candle/Salve Jar per 24
Wick Clip per EACH
Aluminum Mini Wax/Soap/Gel Melting Pot
Digital Candle/Soap Makers Scale - 11 lb. Capacity
Wax Thermometer
12 lb. Wax/Gel Melter w/ Ball Valve Spigot
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Select up to 4 items to compare.