Hearthside Fragrance Oil

Aroma Disclaimer

This is our only scent that carries an aroma disclaimer. Honestly, it smells horrible in the bottle! We aren’t kidding, but once Hearthside is blended into your product, it couldn’t be more amazing!

In our effort to create phthalate-free, Prop 65 compliant, and use as many plant-based natural ingredients as possible, the raw materials in this formula create a not-so-pleasant experience in the bottle. However, once Hearthside is in your product (especially candles), it is one of the most amazing scents you will ever experience.

We tried reformulating this fragrance multiple times to try to get a more pleasant in-the-bottle aroma, and the result ended up being a better in-the-bottle scent but much less dynamic in the final product. To summarize the result, you will love how this smells in your product but hate how it smells in the bottle.

We tested and re-tested Hearthside in candles, soap, and air fresheners, and it didn’t fail to perform perfectly in the finished product.
We wouldn’t have launched this product if we weren’t completely confident that you would love it as much as we do (once it’s out of the bottle). :)

Hearthside is a bold medley that combines the diffusive warmth of golden amber, smoky timber, and charred woods—adding an exotic burst of spice-infused with white peppercorns and earthy thyme to create the perfect smoky spice blend.

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Clove, Pine
Middle Notes: Thyme, Peppercorn, Patchouli, Cedar
Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Woods, Amber

If this completely honest description intrigues but scares you, for a limited time, you can sample before you buy Hearthside. You can request a free tealight candle when you place an order, and/or our rewards members can redeem points for a free 1 oz. bottle of the oil.

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