Soothing & Relaxing Face Mask

Does holiday stress leave you feeling drained and frantic at the same time? Remember to take some time for self-care that can rejuvenate your soul. We love how silky smooth our skin feels after using this mask and a few minutes of relaxing does wonders for the soul too!

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11 Products

2 oz. Rose Kaolin Clay
4 oz. Golden Jojoba Oil
Sour Lifter CBD - 30 ml
15ml Geranium Essential Oil
2 oz. Rose Geranium Hydrosol
2 oz. Leucidal SF Max Liquid Preservative
2 oz. PET Plastic Jar w/ Black Lid per each
2 oz. Plastic Portion Cup w/ Lid per 100
Oval 2 Cup Measuring Device per each
Mini White Mica Scoops (1/8 tsp.) per 100
Measuring Spoon - Double Ended TBSP & tsp.
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