Cosmetic Clays

Our clays are 100% pure and natural that have been formed over time by the alteration of divers rocks. Different types of clay originate from different types of rock and will contain their own combination of minerals. Mineral clays are desired for de-toxifying and rejuvenating spa treatments to tighten and tone your skin, leaving it smooth, fresh and radiant. The absorbing properties of clay are used to draw out impurities in the skin and replace them the with the nutrients and minerals from the earth. Clays are also very popular as a natural colorant option in soap making. You will also absolutely love the texture of your soaps made with clay too! Use 1 TBSP per pound of soap. The colors from clays will not migrate into each other so you can create some amazing natural colored swirled soaps with the different color clays. Popular uses for clays: * Facial masks * Natural Soap Colorant * Scrubs * Body Wraps * Mineral or cream based cleansers * Cosmetics * Facial Powders * Hair Packs * Poultices for sprains, strains and bruises * Compresses for burns, wounds, stings, bites, and other angry skin conditions. General recommendations for handling clay: * Do not use anything metal to store or mix clays. Use glass, plastic, stone, wood or enamel instead. * Do not heat clay before use. * Never reuse clay that has already been applied. Click Here to View Our Clay Usage Chart

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14 Products


Bentonite Clay per lb.
BULK Bentonite Clay per 5 lbs.
2 oz. French Green/Sea Clay
16 oz. French Green/Sea Clay
2 oz. French Pink Clay
16 oz. French Pink Clay
2 oz. French Red Clay
16 oz. French Red Clay
2 oz. French Yellow Clay
16 oz. French Yellow Clay
1 lb. White Kaolin Clay
BULK 5 lbs. White Kaolin Clay
2 oz. Rhassoul Clay
2 oz. Rose Kaolin Clay
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