Unscented Liquid Bases

Fast & Easy to Use Liquid Soap Bases.

Our line of liquid soap bases are awesome! We have researched and tested extensively so that we could offer you the absolute best products on the market. All of our bases start with the finest quality oils (organic if possible) and will give you great results. We formulated our bases to be as mild and natural as possible so that they can be used on all skin types including babies and pets. Each base is super easy to use!

The bases can be used as is (plain) for people who like unscented products with no color or you can just a few drops of scent to have your own liquid soap line of products. We recommend using 2% (or about 2 drops per oz.) or less fragrance on all liquid bases. Using too much fragrance can cause your base to become very thin and watery. If this happens just add more of your base until your product thickens up again.

All of these bases are super easy to use - just measure how much you need, add fragrance/essential oils and color, then mix until everything is blended well and pour into your bottles or jars. It's that simple!!

We hope you love our bases as much as we do!

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18 Products


16 oz. Pearlized Bubble Bath/Body Wash
Pearlized Bubble Bath per gallon
16 oz. Liquid Castile Soap
Liquid Castile Soap per Gallon
16 oz. Suspension Body Wash
Suspension Body Wash per gallon
16 oz. Natural Body Wash/Shower Gel
Natural Body Wash/Shower Gel per gallon
16 oz. Ultra Thick Aloe Body Wash
Ultra Thick Aloe Body Wash
16 oz. Natural Shampoo (Sulfate & Paraben Free)
Natural Shampoo (Sulfate & Paraben Free) per Gallon
16 oz. Crafters Choice Hair Conditioner Base
Crafters Choice Hair Conditioner Base per gallon
32 oz.Natural 3-n-1 Base (Body+Fabric+Cleaning)
Natural 3-n-1 Base (Body+Fabric+Cleaning) per gallon
Unscented Gel Hand Sanitizer Base per lb.
Unscented Gel Hand Sanitizer Base per gallon
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Select up to 4 items to compare.