"Special Plant" Oils

Our new Plant Specific line of CBD and CBG oils has been in development for over 5 years! In countless hours of research and testing, we have found CBD oils to be fantastic in skin care products and we love formulating and using them. Each CBD we tested had different effects, benefits, and side effects but overall tests revealed younger-looking, cleaner, and more refined skin. The benefits of CBD are numerous and still being discovered.

Shortly into our research, we were a bit frustrated that CBD oils were only offered by different brands, not by the different plant types so it was impossible to figure out which hemp was the best fit for the intended use. All other skincare ingredients and essential oils are selected by their original source, so why shouldn’t CBD be the same so you know exactly what you are getting!

Plant Specific CBD & CBG oils are finally available! They are naturally formulated and derived from USA-grown flowers (not seeds). Each flower type is solely extracted into MCT oil (mid-chain triglycerides or fractionated coconut oil). No other chemical processes are used so these are pure, bold, and strong!

Plant Specific CBD and CBG oils are all THC-free which means you get all of the benefits of CBD without the “high”.

Each CBD batch has third-party tested and the test results can be found on the item detail page of each product.

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