2-in-1 Advanced Coconut Container/Wax Melt Blend per 5 lb. (NEW TRIAL SIZE)

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Advanced Coconut Container/Wax Melt Blend is a 2 in 1 Natural wax that you can use for both your container candles and wax melts! It holds up to 15% fragrance oil without sweating and has a super-strong cold and hot scent throw!! We wanted to call this Power Scent wax but thought that might be a bit over the top.

Advanced Coconut Container/Wax Melt blend is in pastille form which makes it easy to measure and melt down for faster production This blend does bloom after burning as this is a plant based product and is very slow-burning. The ingredients are soy, palm and coconut so Advanced Coconut Container/Wax Melt blend is vegan friendly. We found the candles to be stronger after a week of cure time due to the plant waxes used in the blend.

* Vegan
* Has a superior scent throw (both cold and hot)
* It burns longer and cleaner
* Rough tops even after burn
* Holds up to 15% fragrance oil (we recommend 10% for candles 15% for wax melts)

Type: Soy/Palm/Coconut Plant Hybrid Blend
Meltpoint: 125 °F
Primary Use: Wax Melts, Container candles
Packaging: 5 lb. bags - 45 lb. per case
Scent Recommendation: 10% for candles, 15% wax melts
Wick Suggestion: Heinz coreless, Papercore, UltraCore
Pouring Temperature: 140-160 °F, where we had best results, temperature will vary.

Instructions for Use: Heat wax to 180 °F. Add scent and color and pour between 140-180 °F if pouring a candle. Pour 160 °F if pouring a wax melt. Pouring temperatures vary.

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Soy/Palm/Coconut Blend

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5 Reviews


Amazing product!!!

by Katherine - | 6/9/2021 10:05 am

I been buying this wax for my wax melts and it is amazing easy to work with, it has Great scent throw I'm very happy with it, I definetively will keep buying it and recomended!!!

Look no further than this for your candles.

by ADAM| 11/9/2022 9:20 pm

I've been using this wax for my container candles. It's amazing stuff, nice and thick, one pour smooth top and has a vastly superior cold and hot throw compared to other waxes. I find it to be a bit too soft for my tarts but it's by far one of the best waxes I've ever used.

Not giving up

by Bella - | 1/27/2023 4:07 pm

I love this wax... I am very new to candle making and this is the 3rd wax I've tried and it is by far the best. My tarts are an absolute hit. I was giving up on candles for a while. I have changed my.mind.

Love the scent throw but tops were uneven

by Shari - | 4/23/2023 10:00 pm

Just ran through 10 lbs of this wax. My wax melts are amazing! Candles scent throw us great cold and hot, but… the tops were so bumpy they looked horrible. Really hard to smooth them out, numerous times of heating tops. Poured at 140-160 for candles. Love the scent throw not so much the look of the candles. Toss up if I’d buy more. I don’t know if it was the temperature of the room (a/c was on so might be blowing on them too much). Tried covering with some paper towel to shield them from the cold air but didn’t work very well. Might try it again. Second times a charm MGR: It could have been the air conditioning that caused them to cool to fast and cause the uneven tops on the candles. Make sure if the air conditioning is on to pour the candles hotter and this should smooth them out for you. Hope the second time works better for you. Give us a call if you need further assistance.


by Shari - | 5/4/2023 7:54 pm

Tried the suggestion of pouring at a higher temp and the candle set up really nice. Thanks for the advice…. Hopefully the rest will be as nice!