70 lb Water Jacketed Melter

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Measures 22 H x 20 W. Water-jacketed melters are a fast and safe way to heat your wax, soap, or oil without fear of burning, scorching, smoking, or flashing your wax during operation.

Water-jacketed melters use a hot water chamber around the outside of the unit to heat all types of wax, soap, or oil safely from room temperature up to 200 degrees. Your product is heated all of the way around the melter evenly, so there are no hot spots harming your contents. 

Setup and usage are super easy and efficient too.  Everything you need to operate the melter is included in the box along with setup instructions. The outside wall of the melter gets filled with water and heated with an adjustable standard hot water heater element.

* Great for home use or in a manufacturing facility.
* Plugs into a standard 120V AC electrical outlet and uses less electricity than a presto pot
* Made in the USA of stainless steel, so the tank will never rust or corrode.
* Heater is easily replaceable without factory service
* Includes a ball valve for easy product flow
* Higher temperatures can be achieved by using vegetable oil instead of water in the outer chamber.
* Easy to set up - takes 15 minutes or less
* Lifetime warranty on tank, 90-day warranty on the heater.

* We also recommend adding about a pound of wax into the water chamber after the water is added to provide a barrier against evaporation.  The wax will melt when the water is heated and float to the top so that your melter doesn't create steam and evaporate your water quickly.

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