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How to Safely Make Hand Sanitizer

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A super hot topic right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic is hand sanitizers. We know we need to use them, but the store shelves are empty and aren't being restocked fast enough so the FDA is temporarily allowing cosmetic companies to create and sell hand sanitizer. The recipe and instructions below show you how to safely make hand sanitizer sprays. Sanitizers are fast and easy to make, it only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish and they can be used immediately. We have a recorded livestream session on how to safely make hand sanitizers - click here to watch. The reason the FDA and WHO have strict guidelines on sanitizer formulas is because there are a lot of sanitizers that are hurting people by causing skin irritations and burns. They are not made using the correct products at the correct proportions and our instructions below follow the World Health Organization (WHO) on correct hand-rub recommendations. Click here to view the full WHO document.  The WHO document link above provides instructions on how to make a 10 liter batch of sanitizer which is enough for an entire town. Chances are you don't need to make such mass quantities so we have taken their recommended formulas and recalculated them into smaller batch sizes for you. There are two different recommended formulas: the first one uses Ethanol (Everclear) and the second uses 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). We've experimented with both recipes and are happy with the results from either formula. The formula containing IPA tends to have a stronger aroma but less expensive to make. The recipes below both make 8 oz. of sanitizer spray. Click here for our recipe chart showing recipes for more sizes . Equipment you will need: Measuring cups tht display fluid ml measurements Stirring Spoon Plastic spray bottles Ethanol Recipe - Makes 8 oz. 200 ml - Ethanol (also known as denatured alcohol or Everclear) 10 ml - Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 3 ml - Glycerin (we prefer vegetable glycerin) 27 ml - Distilled water, Aloe Vera Juice or Hydrosol Isopropyl Alcohol Recipe - Makes 8 oz. 180 ml - 99% IPA 10 ml - Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 3 ml - Glycerin (we prefer vegetable glycerin) 46 ml - Distilled water, Aloe Vera Juice or Hydrosol Instructions: - Measure all ingredients separately by fluid ounces - Blend together until glycerin incorporates into other ingredients - Bottle and label - No heat necessary and your sanitizer spray is ready to use immediately ** Very important note - do not add essential oils or fragrance oils to these formulas. Since they are oils, they will not mix and therefore not be properly dispersed within the product.

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