BIGGER & BETTER Trifecta Soap Oil Blend - 2 lb. (after cure) Batch Size

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Using our pre-measured and pre-blended Trifecta soap oils, you can save time and money and make soap faster and more efficiently. We have done all the weighing and recipe calculations to save you time.

You don't need to purchase big oil bottles when your recipe only calls for small amounts, saving you money. Each container has easy-to-follow soap-making instructions printed on the side.

We call this our Trifecta Oil blend because it contains a blend of palm, coconut, and olive oils that is easy to use to make perfect soap every time.

We have been using this recipe in our soaps and soap-making classes for over a decade, so it's tried and true for 1000's of batches.

We use palm oil instead of lard for hardness and smoothness, silky lather, coconut oil for cleansing and big bubbles, and olive oil for moisturizing to leave your skin silky smooth.

The pre-measured oils will allow you to make a 2 lb. batch of CP or HP soap quicker and easier without having to weigh out each oil ahead of time.

You will need to complete your soap batch:

3 oz. Sodium Hydroxide

8 oz. of distilled water

2 tsp. Sodium Lactate (optional)

1 oz. Fragrance or Essential Oil

A Large mixing bowl to blend in

A 2-cup measuring device (lye water)

2 spoons

gloves & safety goggles


Soap Mold


1. In a well-ventilated area, add lye to water and stir until crystals are dissolved. Allow to cool to 110-130 degrees F.

2. Heat Trifecta oils to 110-130 degrees F.

3. Add lye water to oils and stick blend to trace.

4. Stir in fragrance oils and any desired color/herbs.

5. Pour into mold and let sit for 24-48 hours.

6. When hard enough, remove soap from mold, cut into slices, and let dry until very hard.

Additional Information

Makes a 2 lb. loaf or (8) 4 oz. bars

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