6" UltraCore 2.0 Pre-Tabbed Sampler 25 Wicks

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New Ultra-Core Wicks are made in the USA and are a 100% natural option for your container candles. The fibers used to construct Ultra-Core Wicks provide an incredible burn in all of the waxes! We tested soy, paraffin, coconut, palm, beeswax, candle gel and many hybrid blends and the Ultra-Cores did not fail! We kept testing different variations because we couldn’t believe it that finally, one wick burns everything! <BR><br>The Ultra-Core unique knitted patented design allows the wax to flow through the fibers easier to fuel your flame and improve your melt pool resulting in a much better burning candle. Improved meltpools mean less tunneling and your hot fragrance throw will be stronger too. Ultra-core wicks burn with a shorter, hotter flame which means little or no soot and smaller mushrooms. <BR><br>The core in the middle keeps your wick straight, which not only makes candle production much easier, the Ultra-core will not curl, sag or bend as the candle burns. <BR><br>The sizing system of Ultra-Core wicks is easy to understand too. The wick number (1.45, 1.651, 1.792, 2.0, etc.) represents the melt pool diameter after 2 hours of burning in a 140-degree paraffin wax. <BR><br>This size is a starting point for your wick selection and adjustments may need to be made depending on the wax used, fragrance, color, additives etc. <BR><br>Why we LOVE Ultra-Core Wicks: <BR>-Made in the USA
-Burns in all waxes - no need for multiple type wicks for each wax <BR>-Improved melt pools = stronger hot fragrance throw <BR>-Little or no soot <BR>-Wicks stay straight in the jar - no wick sag! <BR> -Shorter flames are safer in containers <BR>-No tunneling - candles burn to the edge of the container <BR>-No curl & smaller mushrooms
-Great for Multi-wick candles
-Sizing is easier to understand <BR><br> ALWAYS TEST BURN YOUR CANDLES but here are some recommendations based on our testing. <BR>-Trim your wicks to ¼ inch or less. <BR>-Palm wax and low melt point paraffins burn very easy - size down accordingly <BR>-Size up for beeswax candles.

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25 SAMPLER 6" UltraCore 2.0 Pre-Tabbed Wicks

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