WOOD WICK - XS, 1/4" W X 5" H per 100

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Finally and due to popular request we have added Wood Wicks to our line! There are a lot of wood wicks on the market that don't perform well and we didn't want to offer a product that may or may not work, so we took our time, tested and re-tested everything and are proud to introduce our new line of wood wicks! Wood Wicks are easy to use and provide a nice crackle as your candle is burning. The flame is horizontal while burning so your candles will achieve a melt pool much quicker which means that your candle will fill a room with scent much faster than with traditional candle wicks. There is also no mushroom and minimal carbon buildup while burning. Wood wicks work great with most waxes, wax blends and candle gel. The best part is that wood wicks are super easy to use! Just slide the wick into the metal sustainer and place the wick into the center of your jar once the wax has been poured. Wood wicks are rigid so they do no relax in hot wax and they stay straight and will not fall over while your candle is cooling! Our testing has found that wood wicks burn very differently in each type of wax and it's very important to test burn your candles to make sure you are using the correct size. The chart below is a basic starting point for sizing but you may need to adjust a size or two up or down depending on the wax that you are using. We do not recommend Wood Wicks for straight paraffin or palm waxes. Wood wicks are for container candles only and should not be used in free standing or pillar candles. Fragrance oils may increase or decrease the intensity of the crackle sound. Always use a wick trimmer to trim your wicks to 1/4 inch before burning. Trim your wood wick each time before lighting the candle to avoid smoking and sooting.

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Use in 2 inch diameter candles

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