How to Create a Holiday Candle!

Curating the perfect holiday candle

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November 24, 2023 at 11:19:10 AM PST November 24, 2023 at 11:19:10 AM PSTth, November 24, 2023 at 11:19:10 AM PST

What makes a great holiday candle? A candle that is not only festive and visually appealing but also ignites that holiday nostalgia through the fragrance!! So let’s break this down into 3 categories to create the ultimate holiday candle. Category one the jar/container/vessel whatever you want to call it! Category two labeling and category three the fragrance!

Category 1 - The Jar/Container/Vessel

Now there are a couple different ways you choose the perfect holiday jar. The easiest would be to use whatever container you usually use and then change up your lid and/or labeling to make it festive.

If you are wanting to really stand out and go all in with the holidays then a festive jar is the way to go! The classic holiday jar colors are white, blue, red, green and gold. There are plenty more colors that can be used for the holidays, especially any metallics. Red, Green and Blue are just the colors that come immediately to mind when people think of the holidays. Don’t forget you can use lids to create even more visual interest! 


Category 2 - Labeling

The way you decide to label the holiday candle really depends on how festive you want to go AND the jar you choose. If you are using your normal containers you want to add more festive content to the labels so they stand out from your normal candle line. If you choose a holiday jar you can keep the labeling the same as your normal jars OR go all in with holiday cheer! 

Category 3 - The Fragrance!

Now arguably the MOST important category! The biggest reason customers buy candles is for the smell! When thinking about holiday candles people want to feel the holiday nostalgia, this can vary from person to person so it’s good to have a few different scents. Let’s break the holiday fragrances down into a few categories. My suggestion would be to have at least 1 scent from each category to cover your customer base.

  1. 1. Christmas
  2. 2. Pine
  3. 3. Snow
  4. 4. Baked Goods