How to Make Gel Candles

How to Make Gel Candles

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Cindy Novack
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June 8, 2021 at 11:19:52 AM PDT June 8, 2021 at 11:19:52 AM PDTth, June 8, 2021 at 11:19:52 AM PDT

Basic Gel Candles are easy to make and attract everyone's attention with the vibrant colors and translucent gel!


Candle Gel Wax

A melting pot for wax

Pre-tabbed wicks

A thermometer

Liquid candle dye


A stove or hot plate

A suitable work area

Glass jars to pour your gel into



Prepare your work area – gather your materials. Place your gel into an electric melting pot, with a temperature control or directly on you stove burner on med/low heat.


Heat to 250 F and keep it at this temperature until the gel appears as a clear liquid. Attach your wick tab to the bottom center of the container either with hot glue or a small piece of double back tape or a dot of melted gel.


Add your color and fragrance, stir well, stir some more, and then keep stirring. By stirring and mixing you are making absolutely sure that the fragrance mixes with the gel properly so that your candles will not cloud or appear distorted when they are cool. Only a very small amount of liquid dye is needed to color your gel. It’s easier to control your color if you stick a skewer into the bottle of liquid dye and then let the color drip into your gel. You can add more if necessary.

NOTE: You must use a liquid candle dye. You cannot use powered or wax dye chips. Please remember that adding more than the recommended amount of fragrance to your gel creates a fire hazard.


Allow the gel to cool to 200 F. Pour your candle between 180 F and 200 F.

NOTE: If you're pouring in layers wait a few minutes between pours.


Enjoy your candles!


  • If you are going to embed items in the gel they have to be clean of all residue. This is especially true of seashells. If you wash the items to be embedded in warm mineral oil (baby oil) it will not only keep the gel clearer, but also it will help reduce the bubbles in your candle.
  • Wax, paraffin wax, or beeswax will make your gel cloudy and sticky.
  • Pouring your gel cooler will create more air bubbles and pouring it hotter will reduce the number of air bubbles in your finished candle.

I hope that you have had fun making your candles – I know I enjoy making candles more than just about anything! If you have any questions or need any supplies, feel free to contact me at any time! Keep in touch too! I would love to hear how your candles turned out. Happy candle making!

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