Easy Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Why use shampoo and conditioner bars? Traditional liquid shampoo and conditioners come in plastic bottles that are single use and end up in the landfill. Using shampoo and conditioner bars takes away those plastic bottles and reduces all over all waste. The plastic free beauty market sales grew 900% in 2021!

Traditional shampoo and conditioner bar recipes use a lot of ingredients, require multiple steps to complete and are tricky to neutralize the pH. These bases are ready to use as is or meltdown and add fragrance! These recipes use essential oil to help nourish hair but any skin safe fragrance oil could also be used!

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14 Products

Stephenson 2 lb. Syndopour Shampoo Bar Base Soap
Stephenson 2 lb. Solid Conditioner Melt & Pour Base
16 oz. Coconut Oil - 76 degree
1 oz. Organic Argan Nut Oil
15ml Tea Tree Essential Oil (Australia)
15ml Peppermint Essential Oil (India)
15ml Rosemary Essential Oil (Spain)
1/2 oz. (15ml) Lemon Essential Oil
Straight Soap Cutter
Black Pocket Scale - 1000g Capacity per each
Oval 2 Cup Measuring Device per each
Basic Round Silicone Mold - 6 cavity, 5 oz. each
Oval Silicone Mold - 6 cavity, 3 oz. Bars per each
Oval & Round Soap Bar Mold
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